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Catering and Events

Dozens of catering companies can be found throughout the Greater Seattle Area. However, rarely do these catering companies offer services that extend beyond the realm of food preparation and presentation. Wild Rose Catering is as dedicated to the execution of an event from start to finish, as it is to food service. We recognize how important it is to offer a combination of these two services in order to effectively carry out a successful event. At Wild Rose Catering, we are committed to offering the ultimate experience in luxury food and beverage service. Simultaneously, our staff is just as dedicated to ensuring that the event, in its entirety, goes off without a hitch.


A Wide Selection of Catering Services

Whether you are looking for a catering company to cater a wedding reception, a birthday party, or a corporate function, Wild Rose Catering is more than prepared to offer a diverse selection of menu options that range from aromatic hor d’oeuvres to Southern-style barbecue to Asian Infusion. By implementing a variety of innovative methods in the preparation of our artistic creations in the effort to meet even the toughest client and his or her catering needs, we have established ourselves as offering incomparable customer service throughout the Greater Seattle Area. Even more impressive has been our ability to maintain our superb reputation for customer service. Unlike most of our competitors, Wild Rose Catering offers the expertise of seasoned specialists, who are well-established and renowned within the food service industry. Why not allow us to make your life more simple? Hire our team at Wild Rose Catering. Our mission and drive in executing the creation, preparation, and presentation of your event in its entirety, is sure to superceed any of your preconceived expectations. Our participation could only be an asset in planning and catering an event for the next occassion you can’t keep from celebrating.